Battle Mechanics

Currently - the main two comps occupying AFK Stage min clears are 'Odie' & 'Eironn + Arden' teams.


Odie teams focus on execution [Odie - 'Heart Crusher']. Stall out the fight with Antandra - Brutus - Smokey - Kokko and wait for Odie to build up poison stacks for execute.

Odie is a good F2P option because he is a A-Level hero and used in virtually all modes.

Arden + Eironn

The Arden + Eironn team focuses on 'Perma-CCing' (Permanently Crowd Controlling) the enemy so they cannot cast and skills or abilities. Eironn drops his 'Vortex' at the beginning of the fight, triggers Arden's 'Nature's Resilience', granting him more energy for his ultimate which further triggers 'Entangling Roots' (3s Stun).

This is generally a P2W comp for late game PvE / PvP players. Although these heroes are viable in AFK Stages, they are not very good in Dream Realm or Battle Drill.

Odie + Brutus + Antandra

The most standard early game comp centers around 'Odie' using his execute mechanics to cut through difficult immunity enemies (Brutus, Thoran). Generally, you run this comp with Odie, Brutus, Antandra, Kokko, and Smokey - 5 Maulers.

Arden + Eironn

This late game comp utilizes +10 Eironn (+3s CC) & +10 Arden (+1s CC) . It accompanies a Tank, usually Thoran (link Eironn). Carolina is the majority choice for AoE Carry, but Bryon can be a strong choice as well, providing CC for Arden's energy mechanics.

Cecia, An Alternative?

Many players will go Cecia first, which is a perfectly solid option. Cecia can be used in both 'Odie' and 'Arden + Eironn' teams as an alternate.

Generally, early game - you play what you have. Try to build the skeleton of these teams then fit Cecia into it. Otherwise, just use your highest ascended heroes and see what works - there is a lot of summon randomness so 'one size' doesn't fit all. 

Battle Tips


If you are stuck on an AFK Stage or Trial of Abyss stage, always look at the 'Records' first. The first team is always the lowest power to have ever cleared the stage. 

If you are on a tough stage, be sure to utilize 'Proxy Battle' and 'Synergy Battle':

'Synergy Battle':

You can get an extra hero from other players by initiating a 'Synergy Battle' request. This can be used once per day to clear difficult stages.

'Proxy Battle':

Other players can use your hero formation to defeat the enemies! (Don't worry, you still get rewards!)

If you need help with a battle stage, be sure to check out our discord! Someone is always around to lend a helping hand!

Our Trial of Abyss Battle Reports.

Faction Advantages

 It's important to remember the following Faction Advantages:

Lightbearers, for example, take 15% increased damage from Graveborn as well as inflict 15% less damage to them. Quick note, it's not a one way effect, the bonus both increases damage taken and decreases damage received by the advantaged faction.

The following comps are a few examples of common faction bonus team cores.

Wilder Core

Strong CC lockdown core, popularly used with Thoran & Carolina.

Maulers 1

Solid survival core, can run with 2 DPS.

Maulers 2

Odie, Smokey, & Kokko stall. Thoran, Antranda, Brutus, or Granny to tank - or some other survival alternative.


+4.8 Haste, +10.2% HP

Your default artifact - use on Dream Realm, Campaign, and Battle Drill. Other Artifacts are generally better for Arena / PvP. In Battle Drill, Starshard is a large portion of the damage output.


+6.6% ATK, +7.8% HP

Generally most consistent AFK Stage and PvP artifact. Good in CC comps like 'Eironn + Arden'. Also synergies with Cecia, Carolina, & stall variations.


+7.2 ATK SPD, +11.4% HP

Generally used early on with Cecia or Odie. Can be used to manipulate Reinier's swap.


+6 Haste, 9 Vitality

Used on Brutus / Antandra / Thoran / Eironn for survival.