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What is Battle Drill?

Veteran AFK Arena players, who have participated in Abyssal Expedition (AE), will be familiar with the basic concepts of GvE (Group vs Environment) content. AE revolves around managing player actions and resources to gain rewards for defeating enemies and ultimately bosses. BD is no different, but instead of the 60-70 players AE requires, BD requires only 30. Instead of a grueling 16 days of constant group cooperation (often 'group panic'), BD only lasts 6 days with a maximum of 2-3 actions per player (per day). AE's maps are massive, often consisting of thousands of tiles, whereas BD has a lean, 20 piece tile-set (what I'll be calling 'Nodes'). 

The mode resembles a simple board game - traverse the Nodes, clear the mode's two Mini-Bosses and defeat the Final Boss. The mode is fun, intuitive and easy to understand from the get-go, which is a major improvement from the headache that is Abyssal Expedition. If AE is a simplification of 'Rise of Kingdoms'-style gameplay, then Battle Drill can be considered its successor - a further simplification of the Real-Time Strategy genre.

General Mode Information & Rules


Drills begin with all Guild members choosing one of several Base Camps or 'Fortresses' to deploy their heroes in. From there you will advance forward by completing Passage Way battles in order to reach Nodes, which can then be captured by defeating their Guard Details. When all nodes are capture, and any Mini-Bosses have been defeated, you may challenge the Final Boss.

Stamina is required to initiate battles, and each day +24 Stamina is granted to deployed players. The better you perform in battles, the more Gold you will gain, as well as Treasure Keys which can be used to open Chests of Valor throughout the course of each Drill.

Capturing each Node results in an increase in Base Camp level and/or a Buff which is applied to Camps connected to the Node.

Each map will feature 3 rounds of Drills:

Chests of Valor

Earn Keys by defeating enemies, doing damage to Nodes and Bosses, and advancing Drill Reputation Levels. Use these keys to open one of two choices of Chest.