Battle Drill S1 - Song of Strife

Mode Overview

Deployment / Slotting

You will begin a new round of Battle Drills by selecting one of 4 available 'Fortresses' to join, and then slotting up to 10 heroes to deploy. As deployed heroes are granted +24 stamina initially, and +24 stamina after every server reset, even if you don't intend to make any attacks, it is critical that you at least deploy heroes day 1 of a new round of Drills, so that you can begin banking stamina.

After completing battles and raising your Camp level, you will unlock additional deployment slots at levels 10, 20 & 40, and two additional slots at 60, totaling 15 slots.

Recommended Heroes:

The following heroes are (should be) considered competitively viable. If you are unsure which heroes to deploy, choose from the pool shown here to give yourself the best possible chance to succeed. More importantly, heroes not listed here are not suited for Battle Drill, and should not be used.


Starting Buffs

You will be initially granted one of two buffs, depending on which Fortress you choose as your Camp

Top & Bottom Fortress

Left & Right Fortress

Unlockable Buffs

After defeating Hard nodes on the Guard Detail, you will have a choice of one of two buffs to add to your Camp



Passage Ways 

(12 Stamina/Attack)

Passage Way battles feature enemies of 3 difficulties - Easy, Regular, & Hard. You must use at least 3 heroes to begin battles, and to conserve stamina, you want to use as few heroes as possible while still defeating the enemies as quickly as you can. Also note that defeats do not consume stamina, so experiment with minimal hero comps.

Clearing battles quickly will replenish up to +6 stamina, depending on how much time you have left on the battle clock. So it is important to balance using few heroes with getting maximum stamina replenish.

60s +6 stam

45s +4 stam

30s +2 stam

In these battles you will also find 3 varieties of buff tiles, best utilized by the heroes listed below.

Odie, Parisa, Carolina, Arden, Dionel, Cecia, Seth

Hewynn, Smokey

Carolina, Arden, Parisa, Odie, Dionel, Seth, Rowan

Example Formations:

Guard Detail

(18 Stamina/Attack)

Easy - ~6B Health

Medium - 18B Health

Hard - 41B Health


North Side Mini-Boss

~130B Health, 12 Stamina/Attack

Compared to Odie, Shadow Brutus poses much less of an issue to kill. With proper healing you should not expect any of your party members to die, so focus on DPS. In direct contrast, with Odie, expect all of your party members to die. A classic Tank, DPS, Healer comp should suffice to whittle down Brutus' health without much issue. 

With both of these bosses, bear in mind that as Maulers, they are affected by Faction Advantage, and will take 15% more damage from and deal 15% more damage to Lightbearer heroes.

Bulky Strike Skill

Sinister Barrier Skill

Shattered Roar Skill

Gale Slash Ultimate

South Side Mini-Boss

~130B Health, 12 Stamina/Attack

At the beginning of the battle Odie targets a single hero and begins dealing rapidly increasing magic damage. This is enough to kill virtually any hero, even through healing. Further, because of Corrosive Dart's execute mechanic, he will instantly kill Thoran or Brutus when low enough HP, rendering their survival abilities useless. In addition, this poison cannot be dispelled by Hewynn or Koko, and your best hope is to simply tank the damage for as long as possible.

Venom Surge Skill

Triple Tap Skill

Corrosive Dart Ultimate

Final Boss

~180B Health, 24 Stamina/Attack

The critical observation for deciding how to approach fighting the Giant Golem is that Astral Strike's haste reduction can be blocked by shields. Because of this, in order to avoid the damage reduction that comes with this, prioritize using heroes that grant shields to themselves and their allies. Otherwise, focus on significant healing to counteract its ultimate, and use your best bossing DPS heroes.

Ultra Sweep Skill

Astral Strike Skill

Shattered Comet Ultimate