Wishlist & Stargazerv1.124

How to Read?

The Recommended Wishlist is ordered by faction: Lightbearer, Mauler, Wilder, Graveborn, then Celestial / Hypogean. The large 5 icons in the middle left, those are your first 5 heroes to ascend. Each hero has stars connotating which ascension star to go to. To the right are heroes to ascend after your first 5 heroes. Below each hero is a 'benchmark suggestion'. First, Signature item (+10, +20, +30), then Furniture (3/9, and 9/9), finally Engravings (+30 / +60). 


Currently the best strategy is to rush Daimon early. He's the strongest faction hero pre-'ascended tier'. Once you ascend him to A1, get him +20 3/9 and switch to other heroes. You want to use faction scrolls on graveborn heroes first. After you ascend your first 5 graveborn heroes, you can switch to Wilders with your faction scrolls. Generally, I would save all your Shards and Cores for Liberta first,  Scarlet if you desire. It is popular to go +30 Scarlet first, then +20 Daimon / Palmer, followed by +30 Rowan / Liberta, but there are many viable routes. It's likely possible to play +30 Naroko or Ivan early as well. 

Single Copies

I don't recommend gazing for single copies, but some players prefer it.  A.Ezizh, A.Talene, and Mehira can be useful in Campaign / Tower. Twins and Mortas are essential for bossing (Twisted Realm, Cursed Realm, Nightmare Corridor). If you desire, you can pick up the following heroes by:

Just to reiterate, you're better off pulling these heroes 'passively' through soulstones or scrolls, but in a pinch you may gaze them as needed.





Celestial, Hypogean Stargazer