Honor Duel

Honor Duel is an unranked PvP Battle Mode intended to act as a balanced and spending-independent counterpart to Arena. Because a player’s account investment and progression often determines their win probability in Arena PvP, Honor Duel introduces a format where players draft heroes from a pre-selected pool to ensure each player starts from equal footing. This gives players the opportunity to succeed exclusively through optimizing strategy and decision making, and is a great way for new players to test out unowned heroes and compositions.

Players begin by selecting an artifact and 3 complementary heroes from a randomly selected pool, which largely dictates the comp you will choose to build towards. For example the Obsidian Tear artifact deals damage to your opponent's heroes based on damage taken by allied Graveborn, so this build functions by maximizing usage of Graveborn heroes that can absorb large amounts of damage. Players then go to a duel store where they spend a pre-allotted currency to upgrade their heroes, purchase new ones and equip them with gear. They then duel against other players until they either reach 9 wins or 3 losses, ending the game. 

Players start with the max of 5 banked attempts each time Honor Duel resets, with 1 being replenished each day. For every multiple of 3 wins, players receive rewards of Diamonds, Gold or Invite Letters. After earning all rewards at 15 victories, attempts may still be used to gain Glory points based on average number of rounds won. Honor Duel rewards reset weekly so the priority of completing them each day is low compared to the daily Battle Modes.

Work in Progress

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