About inSeas0n!

Hi hi! I'm inSeas0n, now 'Seas0n' - your average 29 year old, catgirl gamer! I've made 'AFK Arena' related Strategy and Visual content for the last 3 years! I'm the face, community organizer, and writer for 'Analytica' guild, discord, and website! I even tweet sometimes too!

Feel free to reach out to me on Discord [Seas0n#1337] or Twitter [@inSeas0n] for business related inquires! For 'Guild' / 'Club' related questions, contact our ambassador 'Cl0ze' on Discord [Cl0ze#2163].

Hi there! I'm 'Seas0n' - Guild Master of 'Analytica', an 'AFK Arena' and now an 'AFK Journey' guild! I've played within the world of Esperia for 3 years now, ranking within the top 200 of all global players (top 3 in Journey), and clearing more stages than I'd like to admit. Journey just launched, so I'd like to share with you it's new Group vs. Environment (GvE) mode - Battle Drill (BD).

What is Analytica?

In 2020, I created an exclusive Discord group named 'Analytica'. I had started creating Reddit content, when a player by the name of 'Ensign' sent me a thoughtful message. We started a conversation that would span 3 years, and spawn another ~100 mathletes from around the globe. These dialogues and experiences are the basis for 'Analytica' - a 'public', 'collaborative' community of individuals, determined to conquer the unknown.

What is Analytica Now?

About L3gacy

I'm L3gacy, Seas0n's f2p counterpart. Best mates irl for 10+ years, Seas0n brought me on in 2024 to manage website development with Journey's release, and act as a strategic advisor while leading Analytica's S1 R1 Guild. My background in competitive gaming has always been on console FPS and I most recently cut my teeth in Ark - Survival Evolved Official PvP; although my true advising credentials (expertise) come from my professional background in social psychology and political philosophy. Between Seas0n's focus on top 100 global competition, and my role to represent the everyman f2p, we are the two perspectives that author our Analytica (ATEK) brand strategy guides, that aim to give every player of the AFK series access to competitive play.