About inSeas0n!

Hi hi! I'm inSeas0n, now 'Seas0n' - your average 29 year old, catgirl gamer! I've made 'AFK Arena' related Strategy and Visual content for the last 3 years! I'm the face, community organizer, and writer for 'Analytica' guild, discord, and website! I even tweet sometimes too!

Feel free to reach out to me on Discord [Seas0n#1337] or Twitter [@inSeas0n] for business related inquires! For 'Guild' / 'Club' related questions, contact our ambassador 'Cl0ze' on Discord [Cl0ze#2163].

What is Analytica?

In 2020, I created an exclusive Discord group named 'Analytica'. I had started creating Reddit content, when a player by the name of 'Ensign' sent me a thoughtful message. We started a conversation that would span 3 years, and spawn another ~100 mathletes from around the globe. These dialogues and experiences are the basis for 'Analytica' - a 'public', 'collaborative' community of individuals, determined to conquer the unknown.