Base Stats v1.1

Calculating Base Stats

Each Hero has the same three attributes:

which influence their role and performance on the battle field called Base Stats. The formula for each attribute is the same, but has a different modifier based on - Specific Hero, Level, and Ascension.

I will tackle the Base Stat - Calculation & Explanation in 3 parts:

We'll start with a quick example, using my hero Gwyneth as a model:

HP: 5,345,035| ATK: 445,420 |ARM: 102,980

HP: 48260| ATK: 5125 |ARM: 726

HP: 22.6| ATK: 2.4 |ARM: 0.34

HP: 0.7533| ATK: 0.96 |ARM: 0.68

HP: 5,876| ATK: 624 |ARM: 88.4

Interpreting Each Piece

Let's start with the easy stuff - Flat Stats

There are Flat Stats from the specific Hero that are essentially negligible (HP: 22.6| ATK: 2.4 |ARM: 0.34). We call these 'Flat' Stats because they are not multiplied by a coefficient or scalar directly - they are added to a larger whole. 

Then there are Flat Stats from Hero 'Rank'.

Hero 'Rank' is a deprecated mechanic that gave you a small Stat bonus at specific level benchmarks. Lilith did away with that mechanic after Hero Level 240 - but the Stat bonus still lingers here today.

Ascension Flat Stats is exactly what you would expect - Flat stats associated with each Ascension Tier. The only twist is that each hero has their own specific Flat Stat bonus for Ascension.

Then, there are Stats gained from increasing your Hero Crystal's level. After Crystal Level 240 - you may upgrade your Crystal in increments of 10. That is why you will see multiple variables for the same hero level - they are essentially sub-levels / sub-bonuses.

Next - let's tackle the Coefficients - arguably the best kept secret when talking about any Stat calculation in AFK Arena. Each Hero has 3 unique coefficients (one for HP, ATK, and ARM) that modify the Stat bonuses gained by Crystal Level (Stat_Crystal * Coefficient_Hero). Gwyneth's HP Coefficient is 0.7533 where as, a hero like Mezoth has a HP Coefficient of 1.222 - nearly double that of Gwyneth's. This will come into play in a HUGE-way later - when calculating the rest of what goes into Hero Stat calculations - but for now I'll encourage you to speculate on the ramifications of Hero Stats scaling in unique ways sometimes twice as much as another Hero.

Pulling it all Together


So, what does this mean? Why is this important?

Base Stats are the foundational piece of Stat calculations - and thus Hero Power. Every other mechanic in the game - Union, Dura Tree, Signature Item, Furniture, Abilities, and Battle Stat Modification uses Base Stats to determine Stat bonus. That means that whenever you increase Hero Ascension or increase Hero Level - you are compounding the bonuses for every other mechanic in the game. This is already 68% of Gwyneth's total HP - meaning that Ascension and Hero Level alone - account for two-thirds of the total Stat contribution.

This is where I'll leave our first forayer into the depths of Lilith's Draconian Leviathian - the math of it all. Put down that Stargazer! We're about to embark on a wild ride!